Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Past award....

OK OK I am giving up on this award thing..
I think I would have been better to forget it in the first place..but it was so sweet of who ever gave it to me. The giver needs to be thanked. I just can't figure out who gave it to me.. It was a saved draft that I had. Lesson learned.....never.. ever clean up your blog. Then you will not find leftovers that drive you nuts!!!!!

I hate it when my OCD kicks in and I can't let something go.. But let it go!!!!! I must or it is going to drive me crazy. Just like when I am posting on this silly thing and it won't work the way I want it too... when it won't space right. I spend hours trying to fix the problem. Let's not mention when photos won't load up right.... I could go on and on about that issue.

I have to tell you ... I had a very hard week at work.. all two days that I worked... LOL yes it was hard.. they are 10 hour days and everyone and their brother that called must have been crazy!!!! or just darn Angry!!!!

Yeah I survived it... but now I have to go out into the throws of the mad shoppers today. I have a few Christmas presents to purchase and I am going to get it done very early.... I wish the stores were open all nite... nothing like shopping in the 24 hour stores at 4 am :)

I have been trying to decide if I am going to purchase myself a present this year... Heck Yes!!!!! I do every year.. that way I can insure I always get what I want from Santa :) I am going to buy season 4 of Grey's Anatomy :) Oh I can not forget my yearly set of Iso-toner house slippers and my fleece PJ's for Christmas day :)
I recently had to throw out the Iso's. The Pitty has been quite up set. As it was her game to grab one and run with it before I could put it on every morning. Now she doesn't know what to do. She tried to pick up the Tennis shoe but when she shook it .. she landed on her behind... she looked at me like what in the world did you kick me for?????? So just for her sake I have to go get a new pair of slid on house shoes :) Ok everyone wish me luck in the shopping dept :)


Pixiedust said...

Hi Thanks for popping by my blog. Your blogs great. xxx