Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Am In Awe.............

Ok ok as you all know I am a theif... I steal cool things off the inter-net or where ever to share with my readers... Well this item is no exception:
I just had to share this following item with all of my readers!!!

If you have not been to JodyBob's Quilts Blog... please pop over there you will have a awe inspiring time there. Jody makes some of the most fantastic Quilts that I have ever seen.

Here is a Wall Hanging Quilt that she has made for her sister-in-law for Christmas. The sister-in-law raises Koi in the Huston Area....

I have to tell you I have seen a lot of Beautiful Quilts..... but this quilt has blown me away. I love the colors, the ripply water effect... the fish :) Wow, Double wow!!!!! I hope to be able to quilt half as good some day. Great Job Jody!!!!!