Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Neighbors are always a pain in the butt!!!!

I was in the house several summers ago when someone was pounding desperately on my door. I ran to see what was the matter as the homes in my area are several acres apart. Lets just say its a walk to each others house. Nice way to get exercise... I walk down the street to my friend Juanita's all the time in the summer. So its a good 3/4 mile down there. Any way we had these new neighbors move in across the street from her.

There was a Man, Woman and Child that moved into that old farm home. We didn't think to highly of them as they threw out their beer cans on the road and trash. Just like the Red Necks I tease and joke about here on my blog.....(LOL I am a RED Neck sort of GAL too!!!!!) They always let their dog run loose chasing my horses, cats and goose. Lets just say I did not like them!!!

All of us on our street cleaned up trash and mowed to keep our places tidy. Not these people!!!!

When I opened the door there stood the woman, a small child of a tender age of about 1 maybe 2, and a young teenage boy. There they stood all hot and sweaty with crocodile tears running down all of their faces. I was surprised at what I saw. It was them!!!!! I had two choices that day... not open the door or slam it in her face. Being the person that I am I opened that door. When I opened that door.. it sent me down a new path........

It would have been much easier for her to go across the street than to my house. The people in my area know I work for the local Police dept... as a support personnel... so she must have seen me drive by her house in my uniform. She must have felt more safe coming here. I know my friend Juanita that lived across the street is usually home all day too and a lot closer than my house.

There she stood the person that I was not too fond of because of the mess in the road all the time, and their dog running a muck in my yard.....

Of course I wanted to help!!!! She had said her husband had gotten drunk ... which I gather was a normal thing in that household. Anyway he had gotten drunk and started fighting with his dad. They were rolling on the ground in a fist-a-cuffs as we were speaking and could she use my phone. I said sure... they had only moved in a few weeks before to their new home, I don't think there had been enough time to get service yet.. Or even money for that matter.

She called Johnny law to come out and help with the situation. When the called was completed she asked me if I would watch her Child and her nephew as she wanted to return home for the Police to arrive.

The Police came and took the husband away to jail. (He had to do a few days there) The young girl came back down to collect the children and introduced herself to me at that time. She told me how thankful she was that I was home and could help her out like that not even knowing her. She said that it meant the world to her for my kindness, and she would always be very grateful for it.

That Christmas there was a wonderful little cookie plate waiting on my porch for me when I got home. It had her and her sons name on it with a big thank you. I had no contact with her since that time.. but I had seen her and waved several times as I went to work but never had spoken again.

Then came the coldest part of winter. There was a knock upon my door.. now this is not normal for me. I don't get unannounced visitors... lets see maybe once in 3-4 years. So of course I ran to the door to see who was there. There she stood in the cold and the deep snow with the little boy. She looked to be 7-8 months along with child. She was crying once again. Awe my heart sank... as I did not see a vehicle in the drive way. Of course I wanted to help!!!

She was invited in so they could get warmed up a bit... as you remember its quite a jaunt to my house. She was crying and told me she had locked the keys in her running car. She wanted to know if I could let her use my phone again. Of course she could!!!!

As we waited for her dad to come help she told me that her husband had stopped drinking. He was so ashamed of himself.. he went into re-hab the day he got out of jail and got sober. She told me after he got out of re-hab they had a long talk. She told him.... she would not stay married to him if he was going to drink..because he was a mean drunk. (She did say he had never hit her) Further she told him she was going to go to work away from the home. This had been at least 5 months since the incident.

She was smiling from ear to ear when she told me that he had cleaned up his act. You could see she was really proud of her husband for his decision to get sober. She also told me that she had gotten a job and was working part time, and she would soon have enough money to be able to get a telephone. I could see that she was doing much better and had made some really good changes in her and her child's life.

I have seen and spoken to her several times though the years now. Her Mr is still sober and they are doing well. Both boys are growing up to be really good children. I see the boys out in the yard happy and playing all of the time. Their dog still runs at large..but what the heck I have learned to deal with that now.......

Where was I going with this story... well I just got a knock on the door.. It was my little neighbor and her two boys. They had brought me down my special Christmas Present like they have done ever year since that terrible day. We have spoken many times since then. She tells me that I was her angel and she didn't know what she would have done without me that day. Well I am just me... but I guess that one small act of kindness really does pay off. Every year since that faithful day I have received a sweet Christmas offering from her and her Children. If she doesn't see me for a few days... she drops by and knocks to see if I am ok!!!

My little gift of goodies... had wonderful handcrafted ornaments from the boys and a handmade Christmas card that would melt the hardest of hearts. It had glitter, and cotton and just good kid stuff on it. Inside was a wonderful Christmas blessing and signed by all, Chomper (the run at large dog) was even on the list of signers.... there at the very bottom was..... and love your horses. The boys have always fed them apples through the fence for years. They just love spending time with them.

I guess this long winded story is ... you never know who comes into your life and how you affect them by how you deal with them. I could have slammed the door in that girls face that day or not even answered. But that's not my nature... I am a helper, and a giver. So by giving of my self ... I have received the most wonderful gift of all from an unlikely place... a sweet, thoughtful and dear neighbor. Who watches out for me too!!!!!


If you do help others this Holiday Season....please share it with us... we would like to hear of your kindness given to others :)


Carla said...

Beautiful story. I do RAK's as often as I can. I've just volunteered to be an angel in a group where the swap partner fell through. My favorite though is one done for me. Many years ago, separated from my husband and went a few states away to live with my daughter. I found a job but didn't have the shoes I needed or money to get them. I took a pair of my fancy heels to the Salvation Army store to see if I could trade for the right shoes. The man said yes, and when I got to the counter he said here, we want you to keep your shoes too. Good luck with your new job.

CathyJean said...

That is a wonderful story!! and I would have expected nothing else from you:)
Marcel, you are an angel!!
I know because your kindness means more to me then you could ever know!:)
Thank you!

AwtemNymf said...

What a beautiful story. Ya know- You can only make a first impression, but the guts and swallowing of pride the Woman had to make to show up on your doorstep and ask for help! You gave her the chance, not judging her. She calls you Angel and you are! :O)
You're blessed with gratitude from them through the years! The tokens of appreciate are so sweet (the gifts from the kids). Even that darn dog- you've come to accept. I just love RAK's and do them when I can too! It does the soul good!