Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day in CA

Today is my last day in CA. Mom is going to take me over to the Hill so I can take Photos of the Crosses of Lafayette. I have in the past posted about these crosses. They are always in the news here in CA. They up set the people that live in the area. But I think it is a wonderful way to honor the soldiers that have lost their lives in the Iraq war. When I get home I will post photos of the crosses and some of the other things that I have done while on my visit. :)
OK when I get home I will be doing follow ups on my slipper swap. :)
Then I will get things together to have sign ups for my Apron swap :)
Until then.
Happy New Year :)


AwtemNymf said...

Oh- where in CAli are you? IN southern CAli! You're practically in my state woman! And I'm just finding out!
Have a safe trip home!
Happy New Years!!!

Audrey said...

Hope that this next year is the best year yet.

NadineC said...

Happy New Year, Marcel! Can't wait to sign up for your apron swap!