Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Warm and Toasties are Done!!!!!

Yeah all my swaps are done for the Season!!!!
I have just finished up my little slippers.. they are all bagged up and ready to be shipped out. I would mail them today.. but Old Man Winter came in today and it is blowing snow and frightfully cold outside. I have to admit... I hate to scrap ice and snow.. Besides I have to go to the post office later this week. Why not make one last trip of it all???? So I am going to wait until I send out my Christmas Stocking to post them. So I will almost be at the due date of the 13th. But Yeah they will be out before that date for sure :)

I gave you a tease on the first pair of slippers... so here is a tease of the last pair :)


RG said...

Ooh your slippers look warm and snuggly!
Thanks for joining in my Giveaway and good luck! :o)
Your blog is a fantastic read :o)

Yarni Gras! said...

Those are so cute the if you lived close by, I'd bonk you on the head and run off with them! :-)

CathyJean said...
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CathyJean said...

Hey, I'm with Val!! that's a good plan - together maybe we can get both pairs:)
So cute and sounds soo cozy right now, I'm freezing!!

NadineC said...

She needs to make a third pair, because I want to join the two of you in your "bonk-and-run" plan :-) I'm sitting here at the PC right this very minute, with cold tooties!

NadineC said...

Uh...ok, that should have been "tootSies".....don't want anyone wondering what "tooties" are, and why they are cold, LOL!!!!!

CathyJean said...

You are too funny, Nadine!!LOL!!
OK, we need to get Val and hurry with a plan before Marcel gets back here...oh, no I think I hear her coming!

Unknown said...

I am laughing so hard I have tears running down my face... :o) It looks like my next give-away should be a pair of custom made booties :) too keep those tooties warm.. oops tootsies :)(hum wonders to self??? what are tooties??? NO don't tell me I think I know!!!!)
You gal's are a riot :) giggle giggle giggle :)