Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twenty Uses for Fruitcake

I don't know about you but .... I don't like fruit cake. I have yet to find someone that does like it. I started asking years ago .. "Do you like Fruitcake?" I always got the same answer... NO!!! So tell me is that one of the items..... that can be Re-gifted???
Didn't I read somewhere where fruit cake keeps for years???? If it keeps for years ... I would never eat it.. so I have decided to make a list of 20 things you can do with fruit cake :) Come join along and tell me what you would do with this heavy brick of cake :)

1. Use as a doorstop
2. Use as a paperweight
3. Use for a shuffle board puck
4. Use as boat anchor
5. Use as bricks in fireplace
6. Build a house with them
7. Use it to hold up your Christmas tree
8. Use as a pencil holder
9. Give it to the cat for a scratching post
10. Put it in the back yard to feed the birds and squirrels
11. Hold up your car when changing tires
12. Slice and use for poker chips
13. Use it as a sponge to clean the toilet
14. Use as replacement for Duraflame log
15. Use as a footstool at the computer
16. Use it as a seat at a stadium event
17. Stand on it when you change a lightbulb
18. Put it in the back of your car/truck for snow/ice driving
19. Replaces free weights when you work out
20. Use as book ends at the school library


CathyJean said...

LOL!!!! but #10 is mean, what did the poor lil' birdies do?