Saturday, December 27, 2008

Musing from CA

Hello Sweet friends..
The weather here in the land of sunshine and fun has been cold and raining. I haven't done a whole lot since arriving. I have went to see Granny Peachy 3-4 times now. She is looking really well. The first day.....When I walked into the door of her room. She looked up and a huge smile came across her face. That smile was worth my whole trip out here. I spent about 5 hours with her on Christmas. The whole family came and went. Grandmother was tired but very happy to have the whole family with her on Christmas. My sister was a little late getting there with her family. So My Mom, Aunt, and I left... we left the late family there to visit. On the way home my Aunt says lets stop and eat a bite. So on Christmas Night we are out in Concord Ca looking for an open Restaurant. We drove around a while and there was nothing open. I have to tell you this really surprised me!!! We ended up going home and having left over sandwich meat and veggies. It was good, but not what you would have as a usual Christmas Dinner. I think anything would have been good to me... just being here was the main thing. I was able to have another meal with everyone.
We sat at the table this morning and chatted about the horrible Santa Clause Deaths over breakfast. There was a man that killed his wife and 8 other people then burned down their house. Such a shame to have such awful people in this world. He had a gotten a Divorce and he went nuts because he lost a huge settlement to his wife.
After being here a day or two... I have seen how busy it gets at this house. There is always something to do. Wash clothing, Aunt going to dialysis, Walking the dog, going and getting meds at the drug store, shopping for 3 people for their special needs. Cooking, Cleaning, and what ever else needs to be done.... its really non-stop here.
Sunday my Sister has a huge family dinner planned for us all. :) That will be nice to have a nice sit down meal with everyone. Its fun hearing what has went on since I was here last. I can say at Grandmothers ...when we have meals. We all sit down at the table. I love that... I miss that having the family gather around the table. I just love the conversations that go on :) I guess my Uncle is going to take me to Monterrey on Monday so we can have fish and chips at the Pier. We always take a trip to Monterrey He and I. I really enjoy the time I get to spend with him. My Aunt says he starts planning the trip a couple of weeks before I come out here. I think on Tuesday we are going to go to the Casino... that will be fun!!!
I better sign off for now...Mom and I are going to the store to get stuff to make Cherry Mash Candies....she loves those... I am the candy maker of the family. So naturally I have to put my talents to work :)
**** Just a quick note... EVERYONE LOVED THEIR STOCKINGS :)


Anonymous said...

I knew everyone would love those stockings! They were beautiful. Am really glad you are having such a good visit with family.

Carla said...

Why wouldn't they love those beautiful stockings? A shame about that killing. Glad you are having such a wonderful visit. Never heard of cherry mash candy. Wanna share? :)

NadineC said...

I want to hear about the cherry candy mash too. I have been missing you, Marcel! Can't wait til you are back in the saddle and on the blog routine :-) In the meantime, take care of your family, especially Granny Peachy...

Mona said...

Enjoy sunny Cali! It's such a fun place to visit. Now tell me, seriously, who wouldn't love one of your adorable Christmas stockings??
Happy New Year!