Monday, December 15, 2008

Who Said Hobby Lobby Can't be Fun???

I was shopping at my local Hobby Lobby here in Ta Town Kansas today. I was trying to pick out little embellishments for my huge set of Christmas stockings that I finished yesterday. I have to tell you there is not much in the way of embellishments is there? At least the type you can purchase pre-made. I am not so hot when it comes to the embellishment stuff. I am not creative enough I don't think. Well I purchased some fringe lace, some funny wispy stringy stuff with beads, Christmas picks and other little things to put on the stockings. I think they will turn out ok with the stuff on them. While I was standing there in the isle trying to pick out the things I wanted.. a lady walked by me. This is not unusual it happens all the time right? Well this particular woman stopped just down from me and told her friend.... that was with her to pick up some of those Christmas lights. They went on for a good 5 Min's regarding how many Christmas lights they would need. She then told her friend.. just get them all!!! If I have too many I can always bring them back. They were laughing and smiling and having such a good time .. I said to the woman.. You are just having too much fun here. I need to join in on this party. She smiled and said yes they were having a lot of fun. Don't you just have to get more than one of something you really like :) Of course you do is what I said to her. We continued to chat a bit about the ornaments and things that were there on that isle.. then I moved on leaving this very happy and fun person to continue to do her shopping...
This is who I spent that 1/2 hour in Hobby Lobby with today. She grew up in My City and is here to spend the Holiday with her Family and Friends.
She visits here often as I seem to run into her a lot ;)
Kirstie Alley
She looked just as pretty as ever :)


Turtles In Northern Florida said...

How cool! My ex BIL was so in love with her. She always seemed like she would be a nice person to meet.

Carla said...

Lucky you!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Oh WOW M what a cool way of spending a half hour! I have always like Kirstie Alley..First time I saw hwe was in "Roots" I was blown away with her beauty.
it is nice to know she is as nice as her beauty too.

rebecca said...

Too bad she is in T Town instead of my town. I would be stalking Hobby Lobby (I need to go there anyway, BTW)