Monday, December 15, 2008

Tired but Happy :)


I spent the day doing assembly line sewing. I decided at the last minute that I would make everyone in my family out in CA a Handmade Christmas Stocking. I worked on them for 8-9 hours and have decided to take a break for the night. I did get them all sewn, before I decided to quit for the night. Did I mention they are lined also??? Now all I have to do is add the embellishments. That shouldn't take to long.... or will it she asks herself???? Buttons, glue on lace, pine cones, ribbon, and anything else she can find to stick on there.. yep just might take longer than a couple of hours more... Hum I better pencil in more time on those ;) Ok lets see what do I give up for the time???? Going to the bank??? Nope have to do that. Go buy food for the Macaw??? Nope have to do that. Give up the last of the Christmas Shopping???? Nope can't do that I have rebate coupons to spend tomorrow :) Ok I guess I will just have to give up a few hours of sleep.. to embellish these stocking. As I want them nice!!! That I can do.. give up some sleep. Ok I will show you all 16 of the stockings I made today for my family :)

I know its hard to see all of them.. but I could only get my arms up only so high to take the photo.. so they had to be close together to get them all in one photo :) LOL yes you do see a Skulls and Cross bones Stocking in there :) Its for my young niece that is trying to figure out her way in life like the rest of us had to do. So far she has been all girly and glitter up until the last couple of years. She may have out grown the Skull thing since I was last out there..... but who knows for sure not me ;) ...If by chance she has.... there is an extra stocking made the usual Christmas fabric she doesn't have to be stuck with something she doesn't like any more ;)


Carla said...

That's a lot of work in a short time! Don't think I could have done it. I can't sit still more than 10 minutes lately. They look lovely.

Anonymous said...

Your family members will be SO excited to get these. They are really lovely.

NadineC said...

Oh wow! Did Santa's Elves help you with these? I get tired just looking at them, LOL! I've hit a "lull" in my sewing after getting all my swaps out. Waiting for that "second wind" to hit me - hope it's soon!

Joolz said...

Hi Pitty Pat

The stockings are lovely, what a nice idea.

Cheers - Joolz

CathyJean said...

Wow!! they are all so pretty:) I know everyone will love them because I just LOVE mine (the giveaway socking I won!) It is so cute. It will make me smile every year at Christmas as I hang it up and remember my sweet friend, Marcel so made it! And all the goodies that came with it are such a special treat!!:) I feel just like a kid again!
Thank you so much, Marcel, you are sooo sweet!!:)

Janet, said...

That is great! Every year I say I'm going to make stockings, and I never have yet. I was just cleaning out my sewing room yesterday, saw all the Christmas material I got at a yard sale this summer and thought to myself, what can I do with all that. Stockings would be a great way to use a lot of it up. Now that I can see the light of day around my sewing machine.... if I can find the time, I just might make a few.

Allison said...

Those stockings are really cute. I'm lazy I don't line my stockings.