Friday, January 30, 2009

I have received two new awards

I always love it when I receive lovely awards from my bloggie friends. It tells me I am making people happy :o)
Fawn Dear awarded me with this lovely treat. LOL at least she said come by and get my award... there were two of them I snagged both of them. I can spread more love around that way :) Thank you FawnDear :)
and like her, I'm sharing it with three lovely ladies who have lovely smacked all over their blogs.

1. I can not choose its too hard. Sorry... I don't want anyone hurt by choosing one person over the other. I love you all to much to hurt your feelings :o) I know this is probably a cop-out but I really hate to hurt any ones feelings!!!
2. I love every blog that I follow and read. I find that everyone has wonderful things to offer :)
3. I have so many lovely ladies that visit me daily its very hard to choose just three... so if you want please feel free to snag these awards also :)

List six things that make you happy.

1. Making and sewing a new apron pattern, for one of my swap partners.

2. Looking out my upstairs sewing room window right after its snowed and seeing my sweet loving horses with frost around their noses and snow covering their rumps.

3. Getting up each day and blogging to all the wonderful women that I have met on the Internet.

4. LOL this one is a give me!!!!! Of Course my favorite two sweets in life Pepsi and Chocolate :o)

5. I am happy to live in the United States of America... the land of the free and I able to pursue my own happiness without restraint or oppression.

6. Last but not least is my beloved Pitty Pat... she is loving, and always excited to see me. No matter what mood I am in. She begs for my attention all the time. In turn she licks me and if I'm not careful... she french kisses me!!!!! YUCK DOG GERMS... PTTT PTTT Ptttttt!!!!!

So now my little bloggie friends please snag your awards and post them proudly up on your blogs :) Hugs!!!

Thank you again FawnDear for these lovely awards. I am very honored :o)


catsmum said...

for some reason I can't comment on the new apron post so I hope that I'll be forgiven for parking my comment here - I was wondering whether the little pocket thingie might be for a thimble ?