Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have to ask.... is there a Swap-a-holic's anonymous out there some where???? I was not going to join in on anymore swaps... YES..... guess who just signed up for 3 more!!!! What in the heck is wrong with me???? I know I am worse than a crack head... give me a swap ... give me a swap...give me a swap!!!!! I am so bad... I just can't stop myself!!!! I have to have some sort of dead line to do something in!!! What is so up with that??? PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE..... Like we don't have enough of that in our lives already. Does anyone have any answers????? I wanted to start working on my Christmas presents early this year... I am sure everyone has seen my snail. It has been seen up here on my blog for a while now, and it has not moved ......not once!!!!!

I think, I know my own answer to all my questions....I just love getting the surprise package in the mail.... It is awesome seeing all of the creations, and how the other women's minds work when it comes to creating their swaps. I love the color combinations, the fabric choices, the stitching of the garments, the embellishments, choice of patterns.

I should also like to mention the extras that are sent. I love seeing what is put together along with my swap. Some of them are themed swaps... like I received a wonderful fun Snowman apron from Val... everything in it was snowmen related. I loved it!!!! I have received aprons with the extra left over fabric that the apron was made out of. To me that was a wonderful extra :) I have received wonderful little handcrafted items... ornaments, pincushions, altered art, decorated jars, and other containers......

There is so much rotten and disappointing stuff in life right now... a happy package is just what a good seamstress needs right??? Now tell me who would not get addicted to such fun and Whimsey?????
My biggest addiction is apron swaps... yes I do love them and yes I like to wear them ;) I can tell you being in so many swaps .. I have met many wonderful, thoughtful, caring, giving, funny and creative women. I have really enjoyed striking up these new inter-net friendships. I feel like I have known some of these women for years. Its like we fit together like Peanut butter and Jelly, Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Mutt and Jeff, Laural and Hardy, Ben and Jerry, Day and Night, Lilo and Stitch, Lady and the tramp, Elvis and Priscilla, .... speaking of Ben and Jerry time for an Ice-cream break :)
Thank you each and everyone of you...
to all of you for helping to enrich my life, one day and one stitch at a time:)


Carla said...

I love swaps too. Don't find many though. What I don't like is getting stiffed. That's happened a couple times in the last few months.

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Oh gosh M you said it all PERFECTLY!!!sooooooooo inspiring my friend!

rebecca said...

Well, I do agree that you do a LOT of them. But, is it that bad? I would like to do more, but lets face it, sewing and crafting isn't as easy to get done when you have a curious one year old getting into everything. besides, I get to craft vicariously through your posts. You do really nice stuff!