Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Ideas for my next swap :)

Its never to early to think about what the next swap will be. I decided to take a break from working on my Angel Slippers... since I had so many flakers... I have to tell you it really has taken the wind out of me on how few signed up for the slipper swap and how many actually flaked on it. But oh well my lovely ladies that completed their obligations are not going to be empty handed :) Myself, Nadine and Marie are Angeling my slipper swappers... if you get the chance... give these two lovely ladies the cudo's that they deserve for stepping up to help me out of my bind!!!! Marie doesn't have a blog but if you would like to leave sweet words in the comments of this post I am sure she will see them :)
Ok on with the next idea...
As you know I do post about quilts on my blog once in a while. I am not very good at all the quilting stuff, but I would like to get better. So I had an idea... my idea is to try and get 20 people to sign up for this swap.

I see this as a Quilt Sampler.....We would make 12 8X8 or 10X10 blocks... in any quilt block pattern or with any color cotton fabrics, that you choose. You could crazy patch them, you could paper piece them, you could applique them, you could do red work, what ever style that you choose for your blocks :) Then you would send your finished blocks to the hostess along with XXXX amount of money to re-ship the blocks out. The hostess would separate your blocks and give other people your finished blocks. You would not get yours back.....That way we would insure that everyone got blocks. There would be no extras with this swap. Just the quilt blocks and the required money for shipping. Then each person could finish up the quilt tops and post your finish project on your blog :) We could see how each person puts them together with their own ideas. But the basic blocks would be almost the same :)

Having this amount of blocks.. would allow you with sashing to make a nice sized lap quit.

I don't know about you but I can always use a lap quilt...

Let me know what your thoughts are on this... Of course we would need ample time to make these blocks :)

Shoot some ideas my way please :)

I would love to hear your thoughts on this :)


Sarah C said...

I think that is a really fun idea!

I was in charm square swap where you sent in your charm squares and a pre stamped envelope with your address. The hostess figured out what the weight of the average package would be and then told us to add that much postage. It worked out great.

Carla said...

Kudos to you and the angels. I've done it before too. Shame on the flakers.
I have been in a lot of swaps where you put in your package the same amount that it cost you to send it. I've also been in quilt block swaps and never put the quilt together because the blocks didn't measure what they were supposed to. I wouldn't mind trying it again.