Friday, January 2, 2009

Kisses and Hearts Apron Swap

I posted a questionnaire regarding an Apron swap on my blog a while back. I asked if anyone was interested in doing a Valentine's day apron swap. I had several people advise they would love to join in if I held an Apron swap. So.... I have decided to Hold the Valentine's day theme Apron Swap. Your Apron can be a fun Cotton one or a Sassy Apron with lots of frills... so Glam it up.... You can even make it sexy with lots of lace :) It can either be a half Apron or Full Apron.

But Please Please before you sign up go down a few posts on my blog and read the Swap Etiquette article prior to signing up, to decide if you are going to join in on the fun:)
If you want to join and can't sew.. there are a lot of wonderful aprons for Sale on Etsy. We would love to have you join in too... but just keep in mind it has to be handmade apron... not a store purchased apron from Penny's or Department stores. All the swap requirements are the same if you want to join in too :)

I have provided a Button for your Blog.. so please place my button your blog :)
Everyone is invited to join in on this swap. International swappers are included. Please advise if you would like an international partner ;)

Please send the following Info to your Swap Momma :) at the following email address:
All information given to me is private .. expect to your participating swap partner.
Home Address
E-mail Address
Angel List: Yes or No

Sign ups start Immediately:
Ending on Jan 17th,2009
Partners will be assigned shortly after that date. (2-3 days)
The Last date to mail your swap out will be *February 7th* .. This is so your partner can have the apron and wear it on Valentines Day :) If you are unable to meet this dead line.. please do not sign up. No one likes to get a late package. The whole idea behind doing the swaps early is so we can wear the Lovely Aprons on the Holidays.
Please get them sent out on time... Then you will have a happy instead of sad Partner :)

Extras are always welcome .... I know I love it when I get the wonderful thoughtful extras that I receive with my aprons. Since its Valentine's day.. Chocolate is always a nice extra :)
I keep my fingers crossed ... but sometimes things fall through.. If you are interested in being on a stand by list as an Angel, Please let me know when you sign up. Thank you in advance if you sign up to be an Angel for this swap :)

Thank you all for your feed back and interest in participating in my Apron Swap :)
**** ONE LAST ITEM****
If your swap is not completed within 2 weeks of swap end. I will mark you down on my blog as a flaker. If you complete your swap I will remove your name from the list:) No one likes to be flaked on. If you think you are going to be late... please make arrangements with your partner and advise the swap mommy of your delay.


Jen Sue Wild said...

I sent you my info and posted the swap on my blog..

Booming Aprons said...

Sending you my info M ..I would like to join your Apron Valentine Swap