Tuesday, January 13, 2009

:) :) :) :)))) It's Break Time!!!!!

I was a bit behind sewing on my swaps.. I am in two Valentine's day Apron swaps on Swap-Bot and one Winter in the Kitchen Apron swap there also.

Well ladies TA DA!!!! >>>>>> holds out her hands wide with huge grin on her face.

I have all three aprons completed and one pair of Mittens finished... Oh yes I even made a Furbaby harness too, for my Etsy Pet Apparel Shop.... I did all of this today!!!! Sort of reminds me of Shawnee when she had her cooking classes at the Church this last year!!! I did some power sewing. I will try and get those Photos along with some other stuff posted tomorrow :)

OOPS I can only post a taste of two of them as they are for Jenn from Lipstick and Laundry. I don't want to spoil her surprise ;) LOL it seems like she always gets me as a partner she has to sew for!!! So it was my turn to get her several times in a row. I hope she loves the aprons.. of course they are not per the pattern I always have to do modifications on them :) I tell you all three of these aprons are hard for me to give up.. they turned out fantastic... if I say so myself :)

Now I have to tell you all about my mitten swap... I had to make one handcrafted set of mittens. I could make them out of any fabric I wanted too, I decided on Fleece. I chose to make them with an old Kiwk Sew Pattern. I was really shocked at how big the sizes are. My Medium was more like an XL. Thankfully I was able to make them a bit smaller without having to take them all apart. I also made one of those matching scarfs out of the same fleece material. ;) I really don't know anyone that wears mittens anymore.. but if she was to wear them I think she could simply put them over her gloves for more warmth.


Yarni Gras! said...

say its not true! People don't wear mittens? BUT I WEAR MITTENS.
I do, I do, I do. They are my favorite. That way, I can shove those little hunterman hand warmers up inside the mittens to keep my fingers warm and cozy. :-)