Thursday, January 15, 2009

I promised Some Eye Candy :)

Ta Dah!!!!! Ladies here it is some of the eye candy that I promised. If you are looking for your items you sent and its in another group. I am so sorry. But with everyone admiring the items here at home.. they could have gotten shuffled. Sorry!!!! But all the goodies are here except for the Chocolates, hot cocoa, and cookies that I have snarfed down!!! :) >>>>she is rubbing her tummy and licking her lips in a clock wise motion to indicate the groceries were very very very YUMMY!!!! OK so now on with the show :) I am sorry my photos are not the best quality. My camera doesn't take good night photos.. I am sure its because my lighting in my house is dim and awful. The fixtures are still the same ones ....from when the house was built in 1940. So please forgive the poor quality of my night shots!!!!

These are photos of the Christmas Fabrics that I received in swaps. Two of these sets are from my very own swap :) I received two very nice patterns in this swap. As you can see one was a very nice *Apron Pattern* and the other.... was a wonderful *Pot-Holder* Pattern. I can't wait to use them they are so different and fun. I also enjoyed the ribbons, buttons, trims, glues, and all the other wonderful items that were sent...


I was involved in several handmade Christmas Ornament swaps. Below are some of the swaps I was in . LOL look at the cake mix that The Faerie Wysperer sent me!!! She asked me if I cooked I told her no not anymore.. now that I live alone. She told me how sad she was to hear that.... so to get me back into the cooking spirit ... she sent me some Cake mix and wonderful cup cake papers and toppers ;) Wasn't that sweet of her :)

Isn't this a fantastic handcrafted little snow person she made for me. It is still setting out on my TV.... I keep looking at it wishing I was so talented!!!! I was a very lucky lady to receive such a nice handcrafted Ornament from The Faerie Wysperer:)

I was in another handcrafted swap where we had to make 12 Ornaments and send them to the Hostess. She then collected them all and sent us back out 12 Ornaments. That funny looking brown heart.. has such a wonderful fragrance. I hate to put it away for the year!!! All of these Ornaments are very clever designs. I enjoyed getting them... and look at the photo below the group shot... a frog on the top of this fun Ornament. :)

This photo depicts several swaps I was in. Some of the swap was from Australia...(the two little red stockings and the handmade ornaments) In this swap was yummy Chocolate from other Countries. I would like to point out the wonderful little ornaments... two of them are plum puddings, the others are fabric stars... now aren't these just as cute as they can be!!!! I just adore the mouse pincushion... its sew darn cute!!!! The little white bell and red star was from a jingle bell swap from Swap-Bot. I received lots of wonderful stuff in these swaps :) Thank you ladies.

This little stocking was from a swap on Swap-Bot. This stocking and contents came from Sweden. LOOK more wonderful Chocolate :) The swapper was kind enough to explain about the little angels... it was quite and interesting story. I am sorry I have miss placed that card that told about it...but I will look and when I find it I will post about it here :)

This is one of the Stocking swaps I was in and this stocking came from the Netherlands. LOOK more lovely Chocolate :) The little bell in this photo appears to me to be made out of dyed straw. It is really a unique ornament. A wonderful addition to my handcrafted ornaments.

This was a stocking I received during one of my Christmas Stocking swaps. I was in several Christmas stocking swap this year. All the stockings that I received were very lovely handcrafted items. I look forward to hanging them up next year in my home. :) Oh yes that little red strawberry pincushion was handcrafted also. I also love the materials that I received in these swaps too. It's fun to see what other peoples likes and dislikes are ;)

Here are some other wonderful items received with my many swaps... the little crochet items in the upper right hand corner are little face scrubbers. Isn't that the cleverest idea... The maker stated she made one for each day of the week, so I could have a fresh one each day. Very thoughtful gift :)

I thought I would share some of the Christmas Ornaments that I received this year and last from my family members. If you look to the left on the photograph I will point out the ones that my sister painted for me. She also painted the face on the Snowman in the upper right corner and she made that funny little crazy green frog :) As you probably noticed there are a lot of Po Po ornaments up there.. that's because as some of you know I work for our local Police Dept :)

Here is my yearly Dan Berry Mint Chi Chi wa wa Ornament that I received from my sweet and dear step mom Kathy. I think I now own 3 of them :)

This is the extras I received from Val... I had her as my partner in the Winter in the Kitchen swap off of Swap-Bot. I posted her photo earlier of the apron. But I intend to take my own photo also :) I forgot to mention Val's sweet and kind nature... look she even sent along some Raw-hide bones for the Pitty Pat :) She is munching on one of those right now. Val Pitty Pat says *thank you* with her little doggie grin.

Here is my apron and goodies I received from Val once again from a current Swap-bot swap. Its a Valentine's day Apron swap... I have to tell you the color of the photo is not right... I hope when I take the photo in the day light of the apron you will see how wonderful the color really is :)

I just love the little potholder, memo pad, NOW look really close the Chocolate :) and a wonderful little heart pin she made me :)



Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh! I can't believe all the wonderful things you have received in your swaps. If you received that much you also gave that much -- where on earth did you find the time? It's all lovely.

ittybittyandpretty said...

i agree where do you get the time to do all those swaps? one of these days i will join in on one but only one at a time :) %*_*% rosey

Anonymous said...

wow! I am so impressed with all the wonderful goodies! have a great day!

Yarni Gras! said...

I'm so glad Miss Pitty Pat enjoyed the little bones. I aim to please :-)