Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet not Sour :)

I just popped by this wonderful blog... by Gaga's X 6's (Karlene)blog. It is so much fun. She has tons of interesting facts. Fabulous quilts that she has made and other just fun goodness ;) While I was there I found this wonderful fun Award. She has invited everyone that reads her blog to snag it. So guess what I did just that because I thought it was such a great award.
It's the Lemonade Award. Thank you Karlene!
Karlene explained that this award is given to bloggers that have taken lemons and made lemonade!

You are suppose to choose 10 deserving people to give this award to, but I am passing it along to everyone who reads my blog. Since it was a snatch and grab from Karlene's blog I think I just might do the same thing. So all my bloggy followers please grab the button and run to place it on your blogs :) Bloggers are the most creative, wonderful people ever.. Everyone of you are so deserving to get such a great award. I read heartfelt stories, funny stories, wonderful crafts, see great tutorials, and other inviting items on all of your blogs. So grab it and enjoy! So go go get it and post it now!!!!!


Carla said...

Cute award! Her link doesn't work for me though.